My passions... nature, my community, guitar, singing, songwriting, performing, educating... I grew up in the midwest. Now I work, live, study & love in Montana. I perform and teach internationally.

Twisting the corners of folk, blues and jazz into immediately personal songs, Jenn Adams is internationally recognized for her distinctive sound and well-crafted songwriting. With an extensive wealth of experience and craft, her songs scale a diverse foundation that refuse to blend into the ordinary. Sparsely decorated, bluesy ballads are her trademark but by no means a limitation. Known for her warm and inclusive live performances, she is widely regarded as on of the most genuine artist on the acoustic circuit.

I Believe In You

Flying Girls Music

Po Box 374, Victor MT 59875


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I spent most of my life playing, making and dreaming music. From the age of six, through my formative school years and then for nearly two decades traveling the country. I had the great fortune to play all kinds of venues all across the county until the bottom fell out of the troubadour basket. As the digital age descended, almost completely transforming its foundation of the music industry, the old way of gigging and traveling was gone. I decide to go back to school. In 2011, I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in professional music. Since then I've been back in Montana, living and working full time in the world of music. I don't have words for how lucky I feel to be able to bring my skill set back to my community and share my passion for all things music.

Thanks Hamilton! The best little town in the world!