Jenn Adams Music of Necessity - Workshops





   Our goal is to help you see the subtle differences in chord colors, types and scale tones and build a solid foundation for all your musical needs. Take your playing to the next level.

Montana Guitar Workshops

    Designed for players who wants to know more about the building blocks of Theory and Harmony. These classes focus on fundamentals that combine instrument technique with chord relationship, construction and scale theory.

Part 1

            Fundamentals Reviewed:

            Major scale Intervals: Accidentals

            Major and Minor Scale Degrees

            Circle of 5ths and Key Signatures

            Intervals and Inversions

            Major and Relative Minor Scales

Part 2

            Chord Construction and Symbols:

            Building the Diatonic Chord Family

            Triads and 7th chords

            Diminished, Augmented, 6 and 9 chords

            Suspended chords and Power Chords

            Tensions and Upper Structure Chords

Part 3

            Fret Board Enlightenment:

            The Modes

            Other Minor Scales: Harmonic and Melodic

            Pentatonic, Blues and Exotic Scales

Part 4

            Composition and Arrangement:

            Song progressions and analysis

            Cadences: the gateway to chord relationship

            Substitution chords

                    Modal Interchange

                    Substitution Dominants


Whatever your Axe...

We Believe In You

“I've been struggling to get to the place where what I hear, actually comes out my hands. I know it will take work but at least now I know what I need to do to get there.”

-A Thomas, Missoula MT

“This class opened my eyes to what I need to bring my playing to the next level.”

- G Colsccino, Raymond NH

“Excellent instruction. Jenn is able to easily get the information across.”

- B McAdams, Strathum NH