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   To be successful in today music market your career depends on a variety of skills: inviting performances, compelling songwriting and business savvy, just to mention a few. Our clinics comprises a number of workshops to help you prosper in today’s ever changing music industry.

The Songwriters Studio

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Songwriting 1

Vital lyric devices, harmonic and melodic development, lyric structure and rhythm, building melodies from short motifs. Explore what makes a melody memorable: make the music support the emotion of the lyric, control forward motion, discover the music in the lyric, find melodic inspiration and much more.

Songwriting 2

Techniques for groove writing, melody writing, modes, interesting and useful harmonic progressions. Lyric writing topics including prosody (setting words to music and vice versa), brainstorming techniques, and writing from title. This interactive, participatory workshop will give you many tools for developing melodic ideas into memorable songs.

Songwriters Master Class

This Master Class will demonstrate the re-writing process and the selective use of fundamental songwriting techniques in a group discussion format. In this 2 hour session, we will dissect and re-assemble 3-4 songs contributed by selected songwriters. Each song will be analyzed for problem areas such as the relationship between song structure, lyrical meaning and rhyme scheme. With these tools class participants develop new tactics for building strong, memorable songs.

Songwriters Master Class for Guitar Players

This seminar is for writers and players who want to know more about the basic building blocks of music theory and harmony and how to combine these fundamental elements with lyric content. The focus will be on instrument technique, chord relationship and scale theory in conjunction with lyric development.  The techniques discussed will help you hear and see the subtle differences in chord types and scales tones; frame melodies with compelling harmonic content; build stronger progressions for your lyrical message and help improve your overall musicianship.

Performance Techniques

Exploiting dramatic moments in your songs, overcoming stage fright, acting out the song as a story, turning songs into a show, asking essential questions, discovering problem points in your songwriting. Plus, the groove and timing of your set list, on stage banter and much more.

Business of Songwriting 

Discuss different topics related to songwriting and the songwriter including: publishing, copyright laws, mechanical rights, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, promoting your songs, gatekeepers, and so much more.

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We Believe In You

She has a unique ability to identify exactly where it is that I am not understanding a given topic, and to then explain it to me in a clear and thoughtful way.”

-V Rios, Boston MA

“I mainly play with Majors and Minors. I've been looking for a way to give my tunes more life. This class was the turning point.”

- T Bates, Lynchburg VA