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"Lots of artists attempt to fashion a thoughtful blend of folk, blues and jazz, but few do it better than

Jenn Adams."

- Performing Songwriter Magazine




- George Winston

“Jenn Adams, in addition to being a great songwriter is a wonderful guitarist and vocalist.”

- Rolling Stone , Europe

“A genuine talent with an authentic style”

- Rob Reinhart,  Acoustic Café Radio

"Best unsigned artist of the year!”

- Greg Tressel,

        Rogue Theatre Productions

“If you haven’t seen Adams play, your missing one of life’s greatest pleasures, from the first note of the opening song, she has you hanging on every word."

- Acoustic Guitar

"If fate is fair, Jenn Adams’ first nationally released recording will bring this fine songwriter some well deserved attention.”

  1. -Ectophiles

“Oh Sista, Thou can sing!  If Elvis had a sister it would be you!”

  1. -John Floridis,

         Missoula Folklore Society

"I found myself shaking my head, wondering how it is that I actually know someone who could write such a beautiful melody, let alone count her as my friend? “

  1. -Linear Reflections

“Jenn Adams is an excellent musician who deserves a larger audience. Take this reviewer's recommendation and hurry out to see her in small venues while you still can.”

  1. -Pure Music Review

“She's got one of those voices that seems completely effortless, purely expressive.”

- The Wire

“Adams’ voice is full of grace and authenticity, and her songwriting reflects influences ranging from Paul Simon to Sheryl Crowe.”


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