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Teaching is a natural extension to my veracious appetite for learning. I started playing guitar at the age of six. It gave me focus and desire and it helped me navigate my way through education obstacles. The process of discovery and understanding music, fueled my passion for learning.  Those experiences are now a resource I count on to help me help my students reach their goals and artistic potential.

Private Instruction: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced.

Whatever your guitar playing goals are, I can help you reach the next level. I’ve been dedicated to quality guitar instruction for over 25 years. My intention is to encourage enthusiasm by recognizing every student at every level has a unique perspective on the instrument. By focusing on music fundamentals as a stepping stone to a deeper experience I can help you realize your next level on the musical spectrum. All the fun is in the exploration!

Montana Guitar Workshops: Designed for any player who wants to know more about the basic building blocks of music theory and harmony. These classes focus on music fundamentals that combine instrument technique with chord relationship. construction and scale theory. As we explore these elements in an interactive setting you’ll learn a practical approach to study and daily practice. Our goal is to help you see the subtle differences in chord colors, types and scale tones and build a solid foundation for all your musical goals.

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Song Writer Clinic: To be successful in today music market your career depends on a variety of skills: inviting performances, compelling songwriting and business savvy to mention a few. The Song Writers Clinic comprises a number of workshops to help you prosper in today’s ever changing music industry.

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