Jenn Adams Music of Necessity - House Concerts





House Concerts are the most viable and rewarding venue option for musicians and audiences today. When you host a HC you not only support the arts and help keep the folk tradition alive but you help build a strong community. A house concert is a unique and magical experience. Your guests are thrilled to be part of a 'happening' and you have a great opportunity to bring everyone together for an exciting new experience.

How to do it. It's simple, invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, mailman and whoever else, to a concert at your home. Round up all your chairs, patio furniture, your favorite couch and arrange them concert style. You may need to move stuff around a bit or you might borrow a few things from your neighbors. Cozy and intimate is good. Often there is no need to use a PA (unless the house is really big, 70 folks or more).

How do artists get paid? Although many house concerts have a door person to collect fees, some hosts are uncomfortable charging their friends, especially for their first concert. We suggest simply placing a jar by the entry with a visible sign that says something like “SUGGESTED DONATION - $10 each, kids free! All proceeds go to the musicians! THANKS!” Please be sure to mention the donation box in your invitation. That way nobody is surprised. By the way, we'll be glad to help you with a master form for making invitations to tell everyone about the performer and the concert.

How much time does it take? From start to finish usually about 3 1/2 hours. That includes set up time and time to let the guests arrive and relax before the music starts. Normally a set runs about 45 min. After a short brake for socializing and such, the last set typically runs 30 to 40  minutes and that's a wrap.

When is a good time to host? Anytime! Anytime you think it would fit your schedule chances are it will fit well with your fiends and family. It can be a great event almost anytime.

These events are by far my favorite. Because the evening unfolds in a comfortable, intimate space, the conversation and the experience deepens the sense of community, trust in the world and hope for humanity.  I think it equally inspires everyone!


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