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I’ve had the great fortune to make records in Nashville with the love and support of some very talented folks. My producer Frosty Horton has a musical history that stretches all the way back to hanging with George Winston in high school. We’ve made 3 records gathering together the talent of first call session players like Byron house (Nickel Creek), Steve Conn (Nanci Griffith) M.B. Gordy (James Taylor) George Marinelli (Bonnie Raitt) and many more gifted musicians. We’ve all put a lot of love into these tunes and you can feel it on every release. I hope you enjoy them all!


“Under the Gypsy Sky"  Is a groove driven, lyric conscious, eclectic collection of tunes with silky smooth vocals and a Rootsy nod to the solid construction and wordplay of the 60's songwriting tradition.

“In the Pool"  Is one of my favorite snapshot projects. It was the second record Frosty and I made. There’s a lot of fun, funk and joy in the pages of those songs. It’s been widely reviewed as a record with a cup of folk, a pinch of jazz and a bucket of blues. As per usual, Frosty brought in the big guns and they rocked the house down, flowed with the dynamics of my voice and made me look like a pro. Thanks to them all!

“Live on the Blue Planet” was recorded in Spokane WA at the Shop. The Shop still lives in the Perry district as a groovy coffee stop. They used to be a full service venue complete with master recordings of every event. I played there over several years in the late 90’s and this record is a compilation of the best cuts from those gigs. I loved the venue and the guys that ran it. This record has the feel and groove of those days, a little blues, a little folk, a few originals and some of my favorite cover tunes. It’s a sweet piece of work. Enjoy!

“Water"  was my first record. And like everyone’s first record is really a travelog of my life up to that point. We tracked the majority of it in Eric Struthers (Neville Brothers) studio. I learned all kinds of things like how to sting a guitar in the Nashville style. My brother says the sonic quality is still his favorite of all his record collection. If you knew my Bro you’d know that was a big compliment. Frosty has been doing me right in the music world for many years. This was our first attempt and we had so much fun we’ve been working together ever since. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!




This Rootsy version of Gillian Welch’s “Orphan Girl” came from a 3 song demo I cut back in 2000. If you want a free copy just contact me,,

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