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    I’ve been playing guitar since the age of six. In those days good music was everywhere. I was 9 when Woodstock happened and I remember feeling like I was missing something hugely important. I took lessons, read magazines, absorbed everything I could from our 45 record collection and devoured songs by my favorite writers like a hungry child recessed to the candy store. By the time I graduated high school, I'd played in every type of band conceivable, took advantage of school opportunities and fearlessly worked on my songwriting. I remember feeling overwhelmed by how much there was to learn. I dove in deep.

    I came to Montana in 1980 to tackle my dyslexia. The U of M in Missoula was known for it's undergraduate assistance in learning differences. Along with music, I studied Anthropology. Eventually I graduated with a BA in Anthro. The hardest part about those years was having to choose between reading music or reading English. After graduation, a decade of odd jobs and a few failed endeavors, I went back to music. I started touring and working the Northwest scene. I loved it, the travel, the people, the music. Whenever possible, I went back to school. I studied at the Nashville Jazz Workshop and then in 2006 went to the Berklee College of Music. I graduated cum laude in May of 2011 with a degree in Professional Music.

    My career has led me to all kinds of venues, all around the country and in Europe. In 2000, Taxim Records, a roots and blues label in Germany, picked up two of my independent recordings. A few years later I toured in the UK. Through the years I've shared the stage with many of my hero's and gained the respect of my peers. In 2003, the USA Songwriting Competition awarded me the Grand Prize in the lyrics category for my song "Rosalia". It's been a fantastic journey. I've been invited to performed at many of our countries most notable venues and festivals and worked with many multi-talented members of our diverse community. It's been both inspiring and humbling.

    About a decade ago I began developing a workshop specifically for what I call the "threshold player". So many players, writers, performers have amazing talent but lack a rudimentary understanding of music theory and harmony. From this observation Montana Guitar Workshops was born. Clinics and classes focus on music fundamentals. By using curriculum based in popular song arrangements students quickly gain experience combining instrument technique with chord relationship, construction and scale theory. The format has proved successful in multiple applications; private instruction, festivals, schools and camps.

    Teaching has been an unexpected revelation. It's a natural extension to my veracious appetite for learning but I never expected it to become such a passion. While at Berklee I worked one on one with students like myself; challenged by learning in one form or another. Fascinated by how we all go about it so differently, I've become hooked on discovering learning strategies, sharing ideas and tying it all together with the intricacies of music.

    Currently I’m working on a wide range of projects including a new recording. I haven’t been in the studio in a long time and I’m excited to be recording again. This record will be vastly different from the last one. I’ve set up a small studio in my home. It’s going to be acoustic driven and sparsely decorated. A much more accurate version of what you get when you see me live.

    I turned 51 this year. Looking back there's no doubt music was the thread weaving my life together. It's given me hope, purpose and most importantly, direction. I'm extremely grateful to have such a good mentor and I'm truly looking forward to the rest of my years pursuing my passion for teaching and performing. See you all out there in the big wide open!

Peace and Much Love, jenn

BIO continued:

    My biggest passion at the moment is education, at all levels. It’s shocking how far we have yet to go in turning around the huge problems we face in public schools. I think Music and the Arts are a key component to setting that change on the right course. I’m committed to working with schools, non-profits and community organizations in an effort to expand Arts education for everyone.

    It's a big deal to me. I think we have to re-tune our connection to our neighborhood and each other, especial in relationship to our kids. In order to live impassioned, creative lives, we all have a responsibility to live as examples and do good work in the world. If we don't start empowering everyone on the basis of what they love to do, we will lose our single chance to save the human race and the planet. Just saying...

Sliver of moon

cross that state line,

4 wheels around

are pushing hard tonight.

Let me go down easy

under that gate

for the chance of you

and the luck of my fate...

from “Joliet”




Glacier Park 2012